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flour milling machine > 15-30T/D Corn Milling Equipment,Corn Flour Milling Equipment

15-30T/D Corn Milling Equipment,Corn Flour Milling Equipment

Product name:15-30T/D Corn Milling Equipment,Corn Flour Milling Equipment

Product Name:15-30T/D Corn Milling Equipment,Corn Flour Milling Equipment

15-30T/24H small corn milling equipment is designed by our company, and we can supply 10-300T/24H corn flour milling equipment with durable quality and reasonable price.

Our corn milling equipment can select embryo, to produce low-fat corn flour which is suitable to human eating.

This complete set line is composed of Cleaning part, Milling part, Packing part. After processed by these machines, you will get different kinds products for your special use.

The Principple of The Technological Designing:

The corn milling equimpment should be guarantee the demand of the craft function and various product quality,it is consisted by most advanced cleaning machine of china,the technological design is reasonable and adjusts vivid,strong adaptablity,advance equipments,high automation degree,credibility function,economy and practicality,the stalility of the machines is strong,the quality of the corn grits &corn flour is excellent.

Advantages of Corn Flour Milling Machine:

1.The corn flour milling equipment has many advantages such as beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, a good performance, etc. It is the most advantage equipment for corn processing.

2.The corn flour milling machine sells well all over our country and has been exported to morn than 30 countries and regions such as South Korea, North Korea, Russia, Africa, etc.

Main Specifications:

Equipment Name
15-30t Corn Flour Milling Equipment
15-30 tons/24H
Cleaning Equipment
1) High-speed Vibrating Sieve
2) Gravity classifying destoner
3) Magnetic Separator
4) Low Pressure Blower
Peeling and crushing equipment
1) Corn peeling machine
2) Germ separator
3) Low pressure blower
Milling Equipment
1) Roller Mill
2) Double-section screen
3) Bran brusher
4 ) High Pressure Blower
Packing equipment
Flour packing machine
Bran packing machine
Products & extraction rate(%)
Corn flour: 50-70%
Corn grit: 25-30%
Corn germ: 5-10%
Bran: 5-10%

Corn Milling Equipment Pictures:


Remark: this corn milling equipment adopts technology of dry methods to make corn peel and degerinate.according to the customer standard to adust the art designing.

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