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Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Processing Line

Product name:Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Processing Line

Product Name:Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Procesing Line

This series wheat flour mill equipment improved the processing technique on previous design.Improved the cleaning process byadding sifting and scouring.Improved milling techniques on previous half-sifting and increased the production capacity and improved the flour quality.This series equipment is suitable for small scale milling plant.

We provide a turnkey project of our small scale what flour mill, including special design, installation, commissioning ,training workers life-long after-sales service .

All of our small scale flour mill to contain one year free spare parts, and quality guarantee period of one year.

Advantages of small scale wheat flour mill processing line:

Small scale wheat flour mill plant applied to the factory which has stable capacity per day,it has the advantage of long term investment,strong production line,successive working with high yield.

Wheat Flour Mill Processing:

1.The clean part:

Includes beating, screening, destoner, magnetic separator  and dampening. Different capacity machine line has different number of beat, screen and stoner.

2. The milling part:

Include different number of mill and sifter to mill the wheat and separate the flour and bran.

3. Packing part.

The packing part can be manual one also can be auto one, this can be designed according to requirement and machine capacity.

Main parameters

and main
4 break, 3 reduction and 1 bran brushing,4 – 6F1820 roller mill,7 – round sifter,1 – bran brusher
4 break, 2 reduction and 1 bran brushing,6 – 6F2235 roller mill,8 – 45 round sifter,1 – bran brusher
4 break, 3 reduction and 1 bran brushing,4 – 6F1820 roller mill,1 –83 double section square sifter,4-38 grading sifter,1 – bran brusher
4 break, 3 reduction and 1 bran brushing,8 – 6F22 roller mill, 2 –83 double section square sifter,4-45 grading sifter,1 – bran brusher
1 sifting – 1 scouring – 1 destoning – 1 magnetic separating – 1 washing Or1 sifting – 2 scouring – 1 destoning – 1 magnetic separating – 1 washing – 1 air separating
 Rate (%)
Standard flour: ≥80% Grade 2 flour: ≥76%
Flour quality
Better than GB1355-88 (National standard of China)
Power (kw)
Around 41
Around 66
Around 66
Around 97
(L*W*H, m)

Refering pictures for main machines of such flour line:
Installing and training small scale flour mill:

Our flour mill processing plant:

All the equipments are Turn-key project.Generally,if customer need we'll send 2 engineers for installing to buyer's state.Each one person $80 per day and the buyer should supply their food,house ,  reture fare and ensure their safety.

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