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10T/D Maize Milling Machine For Sale, Maize Flour Milling Machine

Product name:10T/D Maize Milling Machine For Sale, Maize Flour Milling Machine

Product Name:10T/D Maize Milling Machine For Sale, Maize Flour Milling Machine

         10T/D maize milling machine adopting the dry-method precessing technique, 6FYDT -10 complete set of maize flour milling machine can produce low fat corn grits, corn germ, corn flour and corn peel with different size at the same time. The whole assembly line consists of grain cleaning, maize peeling, maize milling and maize flour packing parts.

         We provide the wheat and maize flour milling machine in 5T--200T/24h capacity for sale, also supply with techniques and more advanced flour milling experience with roller mill.

Maize Flour Milling Machine Description:

         1) grain processing equipment (mainly for wheat and maize/corn)

         2) high efficiency and low consumption

         3) low noise

         4) scientific configuration with beautiful appearance

        5) smoothly running and easy to operate

        6) modern processing workshops

        7) cost savings and very economical

Main parameters:

10 tons/24h
Main products and extraction rate
Corn flour:40-50%
Corn grits:35-40%
Corn bran,:10-12%
Products quality
Sand content:≤0.02%
Magnetic metal content:≤0.003%
Moisture content:≤13.5-14.5%
Fat content :≤2.5%
Size of workshop

Products of maize flour mill machinery:
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